Databases and Internet programming can meet the needs of businesses and organizations. Costs are quickly recovered through increased sales/memberships and through savings in staff time.
  • Set up guest books, chatrooms, broadcast emails, polls - let your visitors develop into a community by being able to communicate with each other as well as you.

  • Collect email addresses that visitors voluntarily leave in order to get newsletters, updates, or even prizes in draws. This is a key component of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM).

  • Maintain regular contact with customers or members by emailing newsletters, bulletins, promotional notices, etc.
  • Let your clients or members manage their own accounts - joining, renewing and editing on-line. This greatly reduces the strain on your staff.

  • Create a secure administrative menu that internal staff can access anywhere, any time to perform necessary functions on-line.

  • For member organizations, add functionality that will be viewed as valuable, e.g. an events calendar, job board, resume service or speaker's list that members can add and edit themselves.

  • Provide large amounts of information easily and inexpensively. Include a search capability to produce dynamic lists from your databases. Show inventory levels, shipping costs/time, etc. all in "real time."

  • If your organization is project-centred, let clients view the progress of their projects and even participate by sharing documents on-line.

  • For professional development or staff training, provide courses on-line with quizzes and instantly print Certificates.

  • Sell your products or services on-line. You can also take contributions and membership payments.

  • Empower your staff - often the best time/cost-saving ideas come from the people actually doing the work.
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