What is e-Business?

Any data stored on a web server and available to staff, customers, suppliers, members, etc., often password protected.
Any flow of data or information using the Internet to link users together.
Any business functions enriched with web technology, including:

  • Storefronts
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Shipping/Billing Info
  • Sales Records
  • Membership records
  • Customer account records
  • On-line staff input forms (sales, time, etc.)
  • Project progress reports (text and/or images)
  • Statistical reports, including graphs & charts
  • MIS reports with "real-time" data
  • Help forums, even Help chats
  • Search routines
  • Customer feedback forms
  • Customer/participant applications
  • Customer requests for info and "email on demand"

Can e-Business improve my bottom line?

Definitely, if…

You need people to access your data from different places at different times, including staff working from home, head office, branch offices, outside sales reps, and of course customers.
You have frequently changing information that customers and others would like to see in "real time."
You want customers, members, suppliers, etc., to do more direct interaction with data. This could include entering and updating records, getting answers to questions from a searchable knowledge base, etc. Internet banking is an excellent example.
You want a competitive advantage by providing services your competitors don't offer.
You need to catch up with competitors taking advantage of web technologies.

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