K.Promoting a Web Site From Within an Existing Promotional Mix

Once a new Web site is ready to be launched, the marketing machine should already be rolling. Whether the Web site is a new service for customers, version 2.0 of an existing site, or a completely new e-business, the existing promotional mix for your company should be utilized as the backbone of all marketing communications-why spend more money if you don't have to? Additional marketing resources may be needed to help push customers onto the site if it's a new e-business; however, the small to medium-sized business may only need to promote the new Web site through existing advertising and promotional campaigns.

There are some small adjustments that can be made with little or no cost to promote the new Web site:

1. Put the Web address (URL) on business cards, letterhead, yellow page ads, and any other advertising the business conducts on a regular basis.

2. Display signage at point-of-sale promoting the new Web site.

3. Send a mailing to all existing customers promoting the new Web site and the services provided online.

4. Send a press release to local/region newspapers promoting the site. If it's an e-business, regional and national trade magazines can be utilized.

5. If the business regularly attends trade shows, promote the new Web site there.

6. If it is a medium to large business, integrate the Web address with existing advertising campaigns.

These are just a few of the traditional marketing tools that can be utilized to promote the new Web site without spending an armful.

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