H.  Web Marketing Strategy: Lets Promote That New Web Site!

The actual technical and creative development of a Web site, and getting a working site up and running, is not the final part in Web project development. Somehow, visitors need to be attracted to the site-hence marketing communications also known as promotional strategy. The owner of a site for a small mom and pop retail store may not require 20,000 or even 100 visitors a month. However, if the new Web site is part of a new business process or is an e-company (i.e., an electronic commerce store front like amazon.com), then developing a cohesive marketing communications plan is vital to promote the site after it has been launched.

A large Web site may spend thousands of dollars in media advertising monthly to promote itself to its target audience. On the other hand, a small Web site for a local florist may spend only $25 putting its Web address on its business cards.

Web marketing can be expensive in some cases, but there are also no-cost or low-cost strategies to make your site visible by both utilizing offline and online media vehicles.

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