I. Marketing Communications

Marketing communications or promotional strategy is part of the four P's of Marketing. Here's a refresher:

Product-What is your product/service? Who are your customers? How will you position your product/service so it will appeal to your customers?

Place-How will you distribute your product/service to your customers?

Price-How much will your product cost?

Promotion-What media vehicles (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, telemarketing, TV, radio, online/Web, etc.) will you utilize to promote your product/service to your customers (i.e., target audience)?

The four P's, including the marketing communications objectives for the product/service, are defined extensively as part of a marketing plan. The marketing plan will take into consideration all the business goals of the company and develop specific marketing objectives to achieve these overall goals. For the Web project, the project specification will function similarly to a business plan-including all the marketing objectives and communications objectives of the Web site.

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