E-Commerce & I-Business Primer

 E-Commerce:       Any operation within an organization that is facilitated through electronic means. Internal information flow and links with vendors and suppliers have been more important over the last 40 years than electronic-assisted purchasing such as the Internet.

 I-Business:       Internet-specific e-commerce, again not restricted to consumer sales, but pertaining to any exchange of information over the Internet, including e-mail and internal "intranets."

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A. The Evolution of Internet Marketing Efforts
B. The Importance of Planning Internet Marketing
C. Defining Audiences And Targeting Information On The Web
D. The Roles of Direct Marketing and Relationship Marketing
E. Four Forces Affecting Web Communication
F. Expense Justification and Return on Investment
G. Internet Promotion
H. Web Marketing Strategy: Lets Promote That New Web Site!
I. Marketing Communications
J. Marketing Communications Objectives
K. Existing Promotional Mix
L. Opportunities on the Web

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